Lenoir City man arrested on multiple charges including burglary

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LENOIR CITY, TENNESSEE – Two deputies, dispatched to two separate calls, put their heads together to solve a burglary case and left one Lenoir City man with a half of a dozen charges.
Deputy Michael Stanley was dispatched to an address on Riverview Road in reference to a past occurred burglary to an out building. The complaint was able to provide Deputy Stanley with a very detailed description of the property taken from his out building. It was such a detailed description that it triggered a flashback to a call that Deputy
Stanley had just assisted another LCSO Deputy on prior to the call he was on.
Stanley had previously responded to a suspicious person call with Deputy Cody Bengel on Huntsville Hollow Road to provide back-up to Bengel, who subsequently made an arrest on Michael Chastain. Chastain was allegedly walking down the middle of Huntsville Hollow Road and according to witnesses was going through mailboxes along the way. Chastain, who appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicant was placed under arrest by Bengel.
During the arrest of Chastain the two deputies made note of two bags of tools that were in Chastain’s possession. Fast forward to Deputy Stanley’s call on Riverview Drive – It was that mental note that led Deputy Stanley to dig further into the arrest made by Deputy Bengel. And as suspected, all of the tools turned out to be those stolen from the out building.
Seems just like a simple case solved, right? To the victims who had several thousand dollars worth of equipment taken from them, it was expedient and swift investigative work by two patrol deputies who used great observation skills to bring a thief to jail and valuable property back to its rightful owner.
Great job, Deputies Stanley and Bengel! It’s law enforcement professionals like you two that are making giant impacts on keeping our community safe.
Michael Chastain, 23 years of age, was charged with the following:
-Manufacturer, Sale, Delivery of Schedule 6 Narcotics
-Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
-Public Intoxication
-Theft of Property
Chastain was held in the Loudon County Detention Facility pending a $22,000.00 bond.

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