Do Lies Shape Our Future?


Written by George McClellan

There is an issue in the news again that simply won’t go away. It’s the FBI’s supposed need to
muck about the contents of someone’s encrypted cell phone device even when the phones
manufacture, in most cases Apple, refuses to aide by providing the secret “key” to entry.

Apple claims their encryption software is proprietary technology promised to purchasers of its
product not to be violated. If the FBI has the keys to enter, then why not the states police have
that right? What’s the need to reveal secret private encryption when most folks don’t use
encrypted devices for criminal purposes? What’s to stop the FBI from demanding any phone,
yours or mine, should be examined just because the FBI claims the need? They lie you know!

While the government can rightfully claim a desperate need to protect Americans from future
jihad terrorists attacks by examining the contents of perpetrators cell phone devices, Apple
deny’s them that luxury. In light of the islamic murderers in San Bernardino who possessed an
Apple device, and the Islamic murderer at the perverts night club in Florida, to the Saudi
Arabian aviation cadet killer at NAS Pensacola, and now the NAS Corpus Christi jihadist
shooter, we almost want to demand that Apple be forced to comply with the need for the FBI to
disrupt future attacks. After all, it may be us next! But, the FBI lies and they can’t be trusted

My heart tells me that should be the case; that Apple should be forced to aide the forces of law
and order. But my professional experience and practical sense warns me not to go down that
road because we simply cannot trust the FBI anymore than we can trust China and that it will be
misused by corrupt politicians in the future. China is showing us how its done. Snooping by
deceit will be welcome in the “Big Brother State” of George Orwell. Anyway, tha’s just one side
of the coin.

The other side of the coin is that Apple, like Google, sold their soul to the devil (China). China
knows how to access our iphones rendering us users of that convenient, indispensable
handheld devise we can’t live without, as potential spy’s for Chinese Intelligence, ready to be
scanned at their leisure. In the hands of American scientists and university researchers working
on secret government programs, the danger then, from two sides, becomes clear.

But, back to our immediate needs. While we can see what rouge government in the hands of
wanna be despots like Obama are capable of, the contents of cell phone devices haven’t risen
as an issue in this Flynn business. It is only revealed because it is the weakest link of technical
security in our pantheon of methods of conducting government business. Obama had a
Blackberry that he refused to give up. H. Clinton had her private hand held devices that were
smashed to pieces to avoid potential prosecution when her criminality was being exposed.

The FBI’s deplorable underhanded treatment of Trumps first National Security Adviser, Lt. Gen.
Mike Flynn, apparently with the knowledge, if not the direction of Obama himself, unmistakably
reveals the depths the Socialist-Democrats will go, if they cannot wield power, to disrupt the
successor administrations ability to wield power. That should alarm us all. The FBI’s anti-Trump
skulduggery that included spying on Americans under false pretenses, deceitful lies to obtain
secret warrants and planted evidence as memes for entrapment, lead the pack as tools needed
by despotic government to survive. Government issued cell phones can be entered at will by
government investigators. So, leave mine alone. I do not grant the FBI free will to know what I’m
thinking. I’m an open book. My thoughts are found on the pages of these short takes essays.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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