Defend The Police


Written By George McClellan

America today is under siege by a malignant cellular life force existing barely above the level of the
ancestral green flagellate, aka: pond scum. AOC’s radical left aren’t waiting for their geriatric Democrat
leaders, Pelosi and Schumer, to get off their knee’s praying and finish bringing America around to their
utopian dream of a Communist New World Order. They’re in a hurry! Defund the police is just another
screwball scheme of wealth re-distribution to fund Black Lives Matter and Antifa’s outrages.

I worried several years ago when Obama equipped police departments around the country with excess
armored military vehicles. Police departments however, were pro American, understood the Constitution
and all officers met Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) certification.

Now the Defund the Police scam, if enacted, threatens to replace those American police officers, or turn
them into community oriented Social Justice Warriors, aka: a new Gestapo mainly composed not of the
soft touchy-feely denizens of community social action boards, but with deadly Antifa’s and Black Lives
Matters hoodlums that see in the George Floyd incident, their best chance to irrevocably wreck America.
Should that happen, then they will already have their armored vehicles in place and real fascist police
totalitarism will appear on the streets!

Radicals have seized all the propaganda tools needed to accomplish their goal reveling in the usurped
comity of the main street media. But, not all is well. The once brightest star in the Liberal firmament, the
NYT, is twinkling out just because its journalistic staff is composed of ignorant Marxist trained youths,
many of whom have only recently learned to peel bananas with their hands. They will not abide opinions
that differ from their own Marxist training obtained in Americas politically corrupted schools of journalism,
even by their editors. It’s got to be a tough life laboring in a Soviet style Gulag such as the New York
Times has become.

The panicked rush during this riotous confusion on American streets by Progressive Leaders in “Blue”
cities around the country, signals a fear their hoped for exercise in wealth redistribution may come to a
screaming halt should we “deplorables” catch on too soon.

Wealth re-distribution is another scheme to pour tax payers money uselessly down urban ratholes to meet
the Democrats need to maintain their voter rolls. How much money has been squandered since LBJ’s
“Great Society” boondoggle? Didn’t LBJ say, and I paraphrase: “So long as we keep those n____s on
welfare they’ll keep us in power for decades?” I think their decades may be coming to an end.

The negative fallout on many Americans of African origin by these destructive riots are not missed by
those black Americans who have prospered in the intervening years, regardless of LBJ’s scheme, but
especially during Trumps first three years. They are coming over to Trumps side in droves. The biggest
reason the Democrat Party is in such a shambles is because its leadership, including their dufus
candidate, Joe Biden, are all in on supporting the far left radicals nutty ideas to defund or eliminate police
departments. God sent Donald Trump and it’s driving them completely nuts.

In desperation, and to appease AOC’s radical Left, Pelosi is drafting a bill to regulate police departments
everywhere. Why? It’s not their business. It is a means to gain control of all police departments in the US.

Their New World Order will never be forged until they have control of all local police. Americans are too
well armed to allow that to happen. And, as we stand at the precipice, we are witnessing the future as the
Democrat Party wants to bring us.

For me, “I’d rather die on my feet then live on my knees.” We have to protect and defend our police, not
defund them!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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