Where Has the Supreme Court Taken Us?


Written By George McClellan

Has Justice Gorsuch’s written decision (Bostock v. Clayton County), supported by a majority of
justices of the Supreme Court, inadvertently ignite what could become a religious war right here
in America? And, all over the definition of “sex?” There are only three possible definitions of
sex: male, female and doing it! Anything else is perversion and that’s because religion, once
backed as inviolate by secular law and our Constitution, had given us some authority and
control over the predators who prey on our children. Gorsuch’s decision has rendered sexual
perversion protected by secular law, and damn what moral constraints religion demands.

Apparently, religion is no longer to be a protected right in America. The Supreme Court just said
so! Why should we not be surprised? Long ago the Court approved the wholesale murder of
unborn Americans (Roe vs Wade) without regard to the Constitutionally protected right to due
process. Next, if this court decides that the Nuns of the Little Sisters of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Catholic Order, have no right to dismiss employees who claim a perverted lifestyle not in concert
with scripture and Catholic doctrine from their employment rolls, then America is done for, its
moral compass smashed and the barbarians will feel free to impose the odious but still
unworkable philosophy of Socialism as prescribed by Marx and Lenin.

The root of almost all the most horrible conflicts in the world between peoples and nations, apart
from pure conquest, has been over issues of religion! The bloody history of religious wars
between England, Scotland and Ireland are the best examples of pure hatred between peoples
of the same ethnic groups and it continued in Northern Ireland right up to the end of the last
decade of the Twentieth Century.

Christianity is being shamed out of American and European histories. Why else have not
Western Christian churches screamed out against the wholesale murders of Christians in Africa
and the Mid-East by the demented followers of Islam?

For us, the potential consequences by this Courts decision may be incalculable. Can we
anticipate other moral evils embedded in this Courts textural decisions coming down the road in
the future? How could we assume otherwise? By this decision, the Supreme Court continues its
activist usurpation of the legislative process. How does that happen, why is it allowed, and why
have our elected legislators, from all the fifty states, coalesce to permit it?

Because they are lazy damn cowards, swayed by the screaming mobs of political correctness,
the Democrats, Marxists, antifa’s, Black Lives Matter and snowflakes weeping over criminals
who succumbed during the arrest process before the inevitability of their incarceration.

Dare we even contemplate; at what point one wonders, will the Supreme Court recognize
Sharia Law as a legitimate doctrine for lower courts to determine local issues? To do so would
have severe conflicting consequences because, for one, Islam does not and will not ever accept
LBGTQ issues as legitimate to Islamic society. Indeed, they delight in ridding society of perverts
by public hangings, beheadings and the ever growing in popularity process of precipitating
homosexuals from roof tops to watch them expire on the cold concrete streets below. Would the
Supreme Court assume responsibility for the violent demise of America’s Gay community, left
dangling from lamp posts, or tossed from roof tops? I don’t think they would. Why do they
countenance the murder of American babies then? Just asking! Our faith in government is
quickly dissipating, and now, even the Supremes. Remember, freedom is the goal, the
Constitution is the way, even if the Supreme Court doesn’t believe it. Now, go get ’em

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