LCSO Announces First Female Patrol Supervisor

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Loudon County, TENN – Today Sheriff Jimmy Davis announced the promotion of Christina Wallen to the rank of Corporal. She will be assigned to 2nd shift patrol division where she will oversee the day-to-day operations alongside Sergeant Brandon Pesterfield.
Corporal Wallen began her law enforcement career at the Hamblen County Sheriff’s Office in the Corrections Division in 2007. Most recently Wallen worked at the Blount County Sheriff’s Office where she was a Patrol Deputy, Crisis Negotiator and Field Training Officer, before leaving and joining the LCSO in July of 2022.
“Corporal Wallen’s hard work, dedication and selfless service to the men and women of this agency has proven she has the potential and skills necessary to succeed in her next assignment” said Sheriff Jimmy Davis.
Congratulations Corporal Wallen on your promotion!

Loudon Senior Living Community Brought Food to Show their Appreciation for Law Enforcement

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Because everyone knows that good food is the way to our hearts!
Employees and representatives of Lakewood Place – Loudon Senior Living Community brought food to share with our deputies yesterday to show their appreciation for our law enforcement officers.
In this community, one of the greatest things we have is you and your continued support. The relationships that exist between our deputies and this community are an example for all of the communities across America.

Deputy Found Shot in Home Engulfed in Flames

Press Release
Our colleagues at the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office in Middle Tennessee are mourning the death of one of their own. Patrol Deputy Savanna Puckett was found shot and her home on fire earlier yesterday.
At approximately 5:00pm yesterday, January 23rd, Deputy Savanna Puckett did not report to her assigned shift for roll-call. A Deputy went to her residence on Highway 41N in Springfield, TN to check on her, and found her home engulfed in flames. The Deputy attempted to make entry into the home; however, was unable due to the extent of the fire. The Fire Department arrived and made entry into the residence where they found Deputy Puckett shot, and was pronounced dead at the scene. Deputy Puckett was 22 years old and had been with the Sheriff’s Office for four (4) years. The TBI has been requested to investigate. All questions regarding the investigation will be referred to TBI.
“Words cannot express the sadness and grief that Savanna’s family and her Sheriff’s Office family are facing right now. This is a tragedy that we are processing minute by minute. Please keep Savanna, her family, and the Sheriff’s Office in your thoughts and prayers,” stated Sheriff Michael Van Dyke.
From Sheriff Tim Guider, Chief Deputy Jimmy Davis, and all of our family at LCSO, we extend our deepest sympathies and our prayers to the RCSO Family and the Family of Deputy Puckett.

LCSO Deputy Recognized by Madd Organization for Top DUI Enforcement

NASHVILLE, TENN.- A Loudon County Sheriff’s Deputy was recognized for his part in detecting and arresting drunk drivers in 2020.
FTO Deputy Cole Rogers was recognized alongside 122 other Tennessee law enforcement officers at the 2021 MADD Statewide Night of Remembrance Ceremony in Nashville. Deputy Rogers was awarded the “East Tennessee Sheriff’s Office Top County Sheriff DUI” Award. Rogers led all of East Tennessee deputies in the number of DUI arrests made in 2020. Together the 122 law enforcement officers removed over 6600 DUI’s in 2019 and 2020.
Deputy Rogers has led the LCSO in DUI arrests for the last several years and consistently shows a dedication in making Loudon County roadways safer.
Pictured (L to R) is LCSO Chief Deputy Jimmy Davis, Deputy Cole Rogers, Corporal Zac Frye and Sergeant Matt Fagiana.

Loudon County School’s 2021 Veterans of Foreign Wars Essay Contest Winners

Redskin's Corner
The 2021 middle school essay contest, Patriot’s Pen, required students to write on the theme “How Can I Be A Good American?” The winner will receive $50.00, a medal, and a certificate. The winner is David Villicana from Philadelphia Elementary School.
The high school contest, Voice of Democracy, required an audio essay with a theme of “America: Where do we go from here?” The winner will receive $100.00, a medal, and a certificate. The winner is Conner Ratford from Loudon High School.
The teacher of the year contest is based on four criteria; Citizenship, Innovation, Resources, and Passion. All our Loudon County teachers are dedicated and a great asset for our community. The winner will receive $200.00 and a certificate. The VFW Post 5150 teacher of the year is Shannon Smith from Eaton Elementary.

to all our winners. Each will now advance to the East Tennessee district competition.

LCSO Deputy Gives Woman Another Chance at Life

Press Release
LOUDON COUNTY, TENN.- A decision to better train deputies as medical first responders, and a partnership with Priority EMS, is already proving to save the lives of those who live in and travel through Loudon County.
On Monday, November 29th, 2021, Deputy Mark Rodriguez was dispatched to an unresponsive female in a vehicle at the intersection of Highway 444 and Highway 72 in Southern Loudon County. The caller stated his wife had been experiencing chest pains and left arm pain while in their car on the way back to their residence. She then became unresponsive and stopped breathing. Deputy Rodriguez arrived on scene within one minute of the call being dispatched. Deputy Rodriguez was able to remove the female from the car and place her on her back beside the vehicle. Without hesitation he began chest compressions and was able to hook up his department issued AED. The AED delivered one shock to the female and shortly after she began breathing on her own. EMS arrived a few minutes later and was able to stabilize her and transport her to Parkwest ER where she is expected to make a full recovery.
“Without Deputy Rodriguez’s quick actions and medical training, the outcome of this call could have been much different. This act is the greatest example of service to our community.”, said Corporal Zac Frye, who witnessed Rodriguez in action.
Deputy Rodriguez is just one of 12 Deputies who recently completed an EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) Certification Program through a partnership with Priority EMS, the agency who provides advanced life support and critical care emergency medical services to Loudon County. This program, which came at little cost to LCSO, and was facilitated by Priority Director Travis Estes, and instructors Paramedic Keith Sarten and Paramedic Drew Slemp. Slemp is also a full time Flight Paramedic with UT Lifestar. And to add more personal connection to the relationships, Slemp and Estes also serve as part-time deputies with LCSO.
“Last year Sergeant Matt Fagiana, who is also an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician with Sevier County EMS, approached myself and Sheriff Guider with the idea to certify our patrol deputies as EMR’s.”, said Chief Deputy Jimmy Davis. “Seeing the value in adding more life-saving training to our deputies immediately gained our support. We know from first hand experience that in far rural areas of Loudon County, our deputies are often first on the scene of medical emergencies that require immediate interventions such as, airway management, CPR and early defibrillation.”, said Davis. And that’s when Estes entered the conversation. Estes and Fagiana worked to develop a plan to supply an AED (automated external defibrillator) to each patrol zone and Estes, whose experience as a medical instructor spans 20+ years, began the proposal to the State of Tennessee to allow him to host a EMR Course at LCSO. Today, LCSO has four AEDs deployed that were sponsored by Priority EMS and were no cost to LCSO.
The deputies who competed the EMR Course recently received advanced training on airway management, medical and trauma emergencies and basic skills to prepare the patient for EMS’s arrival as well as assisting them during transport to a local emergency room if necessary.
“The partnership and relationships that we have with our Fire and EMS teams, especially Director Estes and his team at Priority EMS, are crucial to being a more advanced, a better trained, group of law enforcement officers who realize that we operate as much more than cops who take people to jail, enforce laws and write tickets.”, said Davis. “We want our deputies to be able to provide life saving care to not only themselves and their beat partners, but to the community. And to our knowledge, we are one of the few sheriff’s offices in the state to have an EMR Program – Blount County being the only one that I know of in this area.”, said Chief Davis.
“This recent event that involved Deputy Rodriguez and the skills he used to save a woman’s life is exactly why I supported this EMR and AED program here.”, said Sheriff Tim Guider. “Giving that family a chance at more life and more memories with their loved one makes all the hard work and dedication of those involved worth it because with out that training and without that AED, that day could have ended much differently that what it did.”, said Sheriff Guider. “We know it’s going to positively touch other families in the future too.”
If you or your organization would like to help fund the purchase of additional AED’s or Medical Equipment for our EMR’s, please contact Sergeant Matt Fagiana at [email protected]

Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing- 11/30

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Utility Technologies, under contract with the Loudon Utilities Board, will be conducting smoke tests as part of a program to detect leaks within the sewer collection system.
The smoke generated during these tests should not enter your home if the plumbing is in proper condition. You may see smoke coming from the roof vents, which is a normal occurrence. In most cases, any smoke that enters a house is through faulty plumbing or through fixtures which are not regularly used. Therefore, we request that you pour water into all infrequently used fixtures to ensure all the traps are full of water. These include baths, sinks, toilets, floor/basement drains, and washing machine drains.
If smoke does enter your house, you may report it to the crews working nearby. Opening of doors and windows should quickly dissipate the smoke. If desired, the crew will do a quick inspection of your residence to locate the problem area in your plumbing.
The smoke being used is made specifically for this purpose. It appears white and has a slight odor of mineral oil. It is not a fire hazard and leaves no residue. The smoke is non-toxic to humans, pets, and plants; however, persons with respiratory conditions such as asthma or bronchitis should leave their residence if smoke should enter their home. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please contact JD Johnson with Utility Technologies at 865-606-1878 should you have any questions regarding these tests. Additional questions regarding these tests may be directed to LUB Customer Service at 865-458-2091.
Select areas of the system will be tested. The first area is the Hwy 11 (north of the TN River.) The next area is the Loudon City Park area on Hwy 72 (from Carding Machine Rd to I-75.) Other area’s testing schedule will be shared soon.

Loudon Christmas Parade

Loudon Christmas Parade
December 11, 2021
Time: 6:00pm
Lineup is at 5:00pm at LOUDON HIGH SCHOOL (Lower parking lot off Mulberry St.) or CARTER ST.
View the parade on Mulberry St. from Carter St. to Grove St.
Floats and entries are encouraged to display a theme consistent with the theme of the parade, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”.
Floats will be judged in the following categories:
1. Effective use of light or other fixtures
2. Creativity and/or Originality
3. Crowd Appeal
4. Best use of Theme
5. Best Use of Music, Live or Otherwise.
Parade Rules:
1. Race cars must be on a trailer and decorated.
2. All ATV’s (4-wheelers), Dirt Bikes/Motor Cross, Diesel Trucks are prohibited from wheel stands, excessive driving or “black outs”. Failure to abide, may result in a fine and/or possible prosecution.
3. All cars/trucks must be street legal.
4. All bike riders should wear helmets.
5. Walking units must be able to keep up with the speed and provide a banner/sign with the sponsor/group name.
6. There shall be no live fires on the floats or any other entry in the parade.
7. There will be only one Santa in the parade to avoid confusion with smaller children. Santa customarily rides on the last fire department vehicle.
8. All entries should be lighted and decorated.
9. Participants must display the name of their organization.
10. The Christmas Parade Committee reserves the right to make any changes and/or additions to these Parade Guidelines at any time without prior notice.
11. Horses must be at the end of the parade.
12. Floats, vehicles & ATVs must have seasonal decorations.
13. Parade participants should dress festively in holiday attire.
14. Your float must be registered to be eligible for prizes.
To enter, please complete a Parade Entry & Waiver Form at the Loudon Parks and Recreation Department
2480 Hwy 72 N
Loudon TN, 37774
(865) 458-7525 

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

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November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, a time to heighten awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and show support for the more than 6.2 million Americans living with it.
Sheriff Tim Guider and Chief Deputy Jimmy Davis want to share with you some the ways LCSO is using modern day resources to help families with loved ones living with Alzheimer’s in Loudon County.
Project Lifesaver, overseen by Lieutenent Michael Watkins, is a no-cost tracking solution for loved ones diagnosed with Dementia and Alzheimer’s that uses radio wave technology and a monitoring bracelet to locate family members who might wander away from their home and become lost due to their disease. This program has proven to dramatically reduce the time it takes to find a person whose disappeared due to this disease ultimately saving lives.
Another way that LCSO is adding more resources to tracking Alzheimer’s patients, is through the addition of our first ever Bloodhound K9 Team. This team, made up of K9 Roscoe and K9 Deputy Brandon Dishner, was a no-cost addition to the sheriffs office through a donation of Roscoe by representatives from the Sevierville Police Department. Along with other community donations and training from the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, K9 Roscoe and K9 Deputy Dishner can deploy on tracks to locate missing Alzheimer’s patients, along with other missing individuals such as autistic and missing children. K9 Roscoe provides a tracking solution that is much different than that of our normal multi-purpose patrol K9’s who have a more aggressive tracking approach.
Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease that affects many Loudon County Families. At LCSO, we are proud to have programs and resources in place that help bring loved ones who wander home safely.
For more information on our Project Life Saver Program, contact Lt. Michael Watkins at [email protected]
For more information or press photos for K9 Roscoe and his handler, please contact Sgt. Matt Fagiana at [email protected]

Congressman Burchett visits Loudon County Sheriff’s Office

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LOUDON COUNTY, TENN.- A United States Congressman from Tennessee, who’s widely known across the law enforcement and first responder community for his vocal support, stopped by the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office this afternoon with dozens of Girl Scout Cookies to hand out to deputies.
“I just want to simply say thank you and that I’m proud of the work you do and I’ll never stop fighting for you in Washington.”, said US Congressman Tim Burchett.
Burchett, who is the U.S. Representative for Tennessee’s 2nd congressional district, is no stranger to Loudon County Law Enforcement. He’s a regular amongst the crowd at events that show support for emergency services and our armed forces.
THANK YOU Tim for always having our back and supporting the work our deputies and Loudon County’s first responders do each day! Next time we are in DC, we will repay the favor with a box of our favorite doughnuts on your desk!

Officers apprehend suspect who fled the scene of car accident

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LENOIR CITY, TENNESSEE – LCSO deputies and K9 teams responded to a report of a hit and run crash with injury at the intersection of Martel and Muddy Creek. On scene, deputies learned that the driver had fled from the first scene and continued up Beals Chapel where he then left the roadway and struck a LCUB power pole causing It to break in half at the intersection of Lakeview Road.
Witnesses observed the male flee the scene of the second crash on foot and run into a nearby wood line. K9 teams and Deputies deployed in the area and after a lengthy area search, the suspect was located and apprehended without incident. The suspect was evaluated by Priority EMS and refused treatment.
The suspect was identified as John D. Jones, 35, of Knoxville.

LCSO apprehended the hit and run suspect

The Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to both scenes and are handling the crash investigations.
LCUB is on scene at Beals Chapel and Lakeview Road and advising Beals Chapel was shut down for approximately 3-5 hours.
Images are courtesy of LCSO Facebook.

Law enforcement at the scene of the accident.

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